"A goal without a plan is just a dream."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


We understand ourselves as service providers for advertisers and/or their agencies when it comes to investing in one of the 3 markets.
This specialization leads to detailed knowledge of the individual markets - markets which we work in comprehensively.


Intercultural Competence


In all our activities, we are aware of the cultural particularities of the respective countries.

Customized Solutions

The developed media strategy always takes into account the individual brands requirements at the regional level, even if the brand wants to develop the market nationally.


Your Added Value

Many years of experience and continual cooperation with the media at the decision-making level have helped France Medien Partner GmbH to take over an advisory function for individual media / publishers when it comes to developing a cross-border marketing strategy. Our special knowledge of the media benefits you as a customer. We support you in the optimization and realization of your projects, in a role that goes beyond the mere purchase of media to the best terms.

The Partner Network

Over the years we have built up an "independent" partner network, which is put together on a project-specific basis. These include: advertising agencies, event agencies, PR agencies, market research institutes, recruitment agencies, law firms, etc.
The partners share our customer orientation and corporate philosophy - which, although attributing an important role to the results, also attaches great importance to the interpersonal relationship among business partners.